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Emergency stock sense or nonsense - you decide!

Smart Council really emergency stock?

Emergency stock sense or nonsense - you decide!

Smart Council really emergency stock?

The federal government also recommends that every citizen should have an emergency stockpile. In the past, people were not that demanding and they considered flour, oil and some pasta or rice as an emergency stock. However, there are the following points to remember: Consumables, especially food, are transported daily via a well-functioning distribution system in Switzerland. If this transport system fails due to blocked roads, damaged IT infrastructure or just a black out (power outage), it can quickly get serious. Today, in 2018, it is assumed that a supply interruption in Switzerland could last for several days or even months. Therefore it is recommended to keep a stock. crisis prevention Crisis prevention is not a new topic, it is as old as humanity and covers the need for security. Our food packs last for 25 years, allowing you to store them for a very long time. In an emergency, the emergency food supplies are then quickly prepared only with water. Thanks to modern dehyidration of food, these can be preserved intact for a very long time. We deprive the products of the water, which makes the final product to a massively more compatible food. Our emergency supply packages with dehydrated foods save an average of 70% space. Which is certainly an important criterion in densely populated cities. Order your emergency stock catalog here Request a free sample menu
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With us you get pollutant-free emergency stock products which last 25 years. Packed in portioned Mylar bag easy in the preparation only with water. NO COOKING is required for our products. In a crisis situation, you have such a problem less. Energy for cooking food could also lead to massive problems in the supply of the population in the event of a blackout "blackout"

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