Best-before date

The expiration date is required by law and indicates how long such food is at least preserved. Of course, every manufacturer wants to be in this respect "on the safe side" and here of a lot of safety margin. The MHD is not a "disposable date" as is often assumed.

In addition to processing immaculate products in particular comes to the type of packaging of utmost importance. This is the reason why long-term use Innova food for your products tinplate cans.

Even during the production process is not compromised at Innova long-term food. Both the hygienic conditions with Umluftentkeimung as well as the quality of our packaging machines are on the cutting edge of technology. In this way it can be ensured that no contaminants and foreign substances in the doses of long-life foods. In addition, we are able to push the residual oxygen by nitrogen Schutzathmosphäre proven and already repeatedly proven in the laboratory under 0.5%.

These measures allow - at appropriate storage - in practice, a very long shelf life of our long-term food and emergency supply products.

We of Notvorrat24 will be happy in any doubt of information available.

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